What is Homeopathy

The Science of Homeopathy

 Homeopathy is regulated in the Province of Ontario

Homeopathy, is a science of healing, also referred to as the science of homeopathy

Homeopathy  was designed to give patients  a safe and effective alternative to traditional health care for the treatment of illness. With the system in overload, people need to be able to access treatments, not waiting lists.

When your health deteriorates, most other concerns don’t seem to matter as much as dealing with the problems at hand. We want to work with you to restore your health and bring your medical concerns to a satisfactory conclusion.

Treatment is complementary to other medical care and can be used safely in combination with traditional medicine and drugs.

You are invited to look through this web site and see if you qualify for Homeopathic treatment, to be a part of complementary medicine, that is safe enough for a baby in the womb and powerful enough to treat cancer.

Homeopathic treatments offer no side effects…only gentle, natural healing.

Lorne Moyer is a regulated Homeopath insuring you quality health care.

Lorne is a professional and gentle practitioner who is passionate about his work.

Lorne is always happy to share as much information as he can so that others can help themselves.

Lorne offers a free half hour consultation to see if you qualify for homeopathic care.

Comprehensive Homeopathic Services

Comprehensive Homeopathic Serices

The laws of homeopathy define the depth of the treatment options, as infinite. The first simple law “like cures like” says it all. If the universe can provide an opposite then it can also provide a similar, and it is the similar that will neutralize the disease or wrong of the body. This simple statement has brought health to people since its inception.

Add to this a holistic  understanding of how not only your body but your environment and your heredity can affect your body or mind, and also to understand how to bring you back to health.


Homeopathic assessments have some similarities to one you might receive in any other medical office, with the exception of being non-invasive. We do however understand what we see in a different light or understanding. We look for hints to how genetics have affected you personally, how lifestyle has affected you as well. looking through your medications for hints to your inner weaknesses.

Treatment Plans

Unlike traditional pharmaceutical treatment plans that are organized with general concepts and drug doses that have heavy side effects, and constant monitoring for the rest of your life.

Homeopathy works to correct the imbalance in your body and set you free from life long dependence on medications.

Typically your treatment plan will be written out for you and give support for the most troubling concerns, especially if there are side effects to deal with. this will carry you through the first month and then we will meet to see what is left to deal with, and that will become the next priority.

When there are no drugs to deal with we prescribe on your totality and the followup shows improvement in all areas. with this scenario we work towards increasing the time between visits and also to ending treatment when all symptoms are relieved.


Types of Care

From preventative healthcare to the treatment of chronic illnesses, you’re in good hands.


General Care

Homeopaths can deliver treatment for their patients and assist them in reliving their symptoms, whether they have a diagnosis or not. This is very helpful for people who are waiting on test results but would like relief from their symptoms. Other people have a result but are getting frustrated by the side effects of the medication and would like to get off them. Patients with anxiety or depression and are not satisfied with the quality of life they have on powerful meds.

Acute Care

Acute care is available – as a professional service – provided in my office or if the patient is unable to travel then arrangements can be made ——- [house calls available] This includes things like poison Ivy and insect stings as well as colds and flu, and other short term illnesses.

Chronic Care

Chronic disease is one that lasts three months or more, generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they resolve themselves. Homeopathy can give both comfort and relief to people with chronic disease, as our goal is to remove symptoms.

About Me

Here is my story.

It may not be as dramatic as yours.

It began in 2002. I had just turned 53. We were on vacation. I was tired and run down from working too hard and being too stressed.

My wife first noticed some changes. She suggested I see the doctor when we got home. I had been dodging the annual medical.

I continued dodging the medical until the following year and by then things had drastically changed.

The standard blood tests were ordered. In the return visit to the General Practitioner I was referred to a local Urologist

as my previous PSA number had elevated from a 2.8 to 10.

I had cancer.

My first appointment to see the Urologist was made. My options were not good.

The biopsy was scheduled in London for July. This was only the beginning of May.

The health care system was moving slowly due to the recent outbreak of SARS.

During the wait for the scheduled biopsy, my wife had made an appointment for me with her Naturopath.

She was not willing to wait for the wheels to be put in motion with a traditional method.

The Naturopath had recommended a certain remedy, which she did not have. We found a supplier and I started the treatment.

I remember the price as being in excess of one thousand dollars.

The biopsy was done and the diagnosis was the prostate was 25% cancerous. It was a very aggressive cancer.

The Urologist was recommending surgery. It was scheduled for September.

Post-surgery, my urologist did not recommend chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which he felt were not necessary with a resection.

My following PSA tests every three months originally showed zero population, or as it was explained to me, undetectable by the test.

Then in the tests to come there was a slight detection by the test, an elevated number.

Not a big worry, I had figured if they cut out my prostate, the cancer should be gone, like removing a broken part on your car.

In the aftermath of the operation, I went back to work. It was very stressful and I just couldn’t “get in the game”

(I have since learned that this could have been an effect of the anaesthesia).

Early in October 2006 my employer offered a retirement package, and I accepted it.

Once in retirement, my wife and I decided to relocate to a community that would be nearer to our grandchildren.

For a few months, we lived in very cramped quarters. It wasn’t long until my wife suggested for my health;

I find something to do that would keep me busy.

After much searching I found what I wanted to do when I grew up, and enrolled in college to become a Homeopath.

As I started my second year of studies, I received a PSA result that was rising at a quicker rate than it should be.

It was doubling every six months. I entered into Homeopathic treatment immediately and when the next test result came

it had stabilized the PSA.

With this result I decided that I would do a thesis on the Homeopathic treatment of Prostate cancer,

and in the process start to treat myself as part of that learning.

At my nine year checkup my urologist said “I know that I didn’t get all the cancer and it should have metastasized by now,

but it doesn’t seem to be changing hardly at all, and we haven’t done anything else”.

“We did do one little thing”, I responded. “I became a Homeopath and started treating my cancer”.

His reply, “well if it does start to grow again, we have lots of options”.

Given my PSA level at diagnosis, statistics indicate that I have exceeded my life expectancy by over two years.

It is now several years later and i am still here thanks to homeopathy!


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is the difference between a Naturopath and a Homeopath?

A: Add answers here.

I get this question a lot; so lets look at the history. Samuel Hahneman, discovered homeopathy in the late 1700’s using laws of action. eg. like cures like; law of minimum dose, and more. Homeopathy grew quickly then because it was the only medicine that was healing, compared to the use of mercury and arsenic by the medical doctors. Homeopathy grew worldwide until around 1850-1900, when an american doctor lobbied New Your State to make pharmaceutical medicine the only one to be practiced in hospitals and anyone not using their methods could not work in hospitals. As a result of this political move, all other healers were forced out of medicine. While they were looking for a way to get patients outside hospitals several of the healers and herbalists. under the leadership of Benedict  Lust formed these stragglers into what became known as naturopath’s and he started a college in New York which combined several of these modalities including Homeopathy. However Homeopaths in general preferred to use what worked for them and most maintained their independence.


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Invest In Your Health—You’re Worth It!

Holistic healthcare for you and your family since 2009.


Healthcare has always meant a trip to the doctor or hospital

However in the last half century families have wanted more than a few minutes in the office and a quick prescription. They now are finding Homeopath’s actually take the time to listen and understand not only their problem but even the things that were also part of the problem, things not considered clinical symptoms but important to the patient. The patient is now developing a mature relationship with the Homeopath and changed their expectation of health, to one of “Health and Wellness”.


Wellness Solutions

Holistic healthcare is a journey. Choose where to begin.


Mind & Body Assessments

A Homeopathic assessment is a comfortable journey through your existing complaint, too other parts of your life that may have led to your present concern. Their will also be a homeopathic physical assessment that will be similar to other physical ‘s you have had. There may also be a request to your present physician for test results that may shine more light on your condition. I should point out here that as part of the regulated health care system Medical Doctors are concerned about your health and that you receive treatment from practitioners in the system.


General Wellness Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are individualized to the patient, this means that tow patients with the same problem may not require the same remedy. This is a great aspect of remedies, unlike pharmaceuticals that use a broad spectrum for a specific diagnosis. Homeopathic s when individualized to the patient remove the patients symptoms without dangerous side effects. The remedy also works deeper that pharmaceuticals and not only restores health but works on the underlying causes to maintain long term health.


Treatments & Holistic Care

Homeopathy thrives because it is effective in returning health. In health care it is difficult to get caring individualized care. Visiting a homeopath can be a very rewarding experience as you have just found someone who not only listens to you but insists on more information about everything connected to you and your present problem. The reason for this type of investigation is to find the root of your problem and a clear path to correcting it.


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Jamie Tieche
Woodstock, Ontario

Lorne was able to assess my situation and provide a clear path back to health in just one short session! He opened my eyes to the potential of natural wellness vs. traditional western medicine which has been a game changer to say the least!

Patient #2
Woodstock, Ontario
I would love to fill this site with patient testimonials; however the guidelines of the Homeopathy Act do not allow the posting of patient testimonials. This is to avoid putting a bias on homeopathic care that may not be truthfully reflective of actual homeopathic treatment. Patients requiring this type of information may contact Lorne Moyer Homeopath directly.

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